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'How to Prime Yourself for More Financial Wealth'

A step by step guide on how to get yourself ‘aligned’ (inside and out) for making, attracting and receiving more money into your life!

(approx 67 minutes duration)



I’m Tony Burgess and I am one of the founding Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd.

At the Academy we are dedicated to helping people get more of what they want - more easily, more effectively and more consistently so that you can enjoy the life and the success that you truly deserve.

We deliver a lot of training, professional speaking and one-to-one coaching - focused on helping people to maximize their personal and professional achievements.

We adopt an ‘inside out’ approach to helping people to achieve more.

What I mean by that is that we put a very high priority on helping you to ‘align’ yourself mentally and emotionally with your desired achievements as well as then ensuring that people are prepared to take appropriate actions to make things happen.

When a person gets their ‘inner programming’ fully aligned with successful outcomes  - then the behaviours will be ‘with the grain’ and so the way will be ‘smoothed’ ready for making your desired outcomes happen...


...Where a person’s ‘inner programming ’ is misaligned with progress and achievement, then no matter how capable the person is or how appropriate the selected behaviours might be, the person will end up unconsciously self-sabotaging the very results that they say they want.


As we begin to work with our clients, many of them tell us that they don’t have as much money as they would like to have and that they sense they are capable of generating more for themselves and their loved ones.

Having more money is often just one of the goals that they may have – and it is often considered by them to be a very important one.

It is frequently the case that the person believes that they are doing a great job, they have lots to offer the world, they have skills and talents that are useful and they are already making a difference out there and a part of them senses that they really deserve to have more financial wealth to show for it.

And often, when we find out how much talent that they do indeed have, and what great impact they are making out there, we are inclined to agree that, if attracting financial wealth is purely based on how deserving and talented a person is, they should certainly be very wealthy indeed.

And of course the world doesn’t quite operate that way!

It is not simply how good you are as a person or how ‘deserving’ you are that determines how much money you have or how financially wealthy you become.    No!

The amount of financial wealth you generate is much more about how ‘primed’ and ‘aligned’ your whole human system is (inside and out) for making money, attracting money and receiving money.

And of course, part of that inner alignment includes feeling compelled to take money-focused actions and be involved in money-making activities


How much or little money you are currently making, attracting and receiving into your life will have a lot to do with...

EITHER… well you are metaphorically putting yourself in the path of money – psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally

OR... well you are attracting money over from its current path towards yourself – again, psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally

Let’s be really clear – there is plenty of money out there!

So much more than enough for you to meet your wealth goals!


So the important question to ask yourself is this:

‘How well have you been ‘priming’ your whole human system for taking the money-generating actions that will bring you the level of money that you desire to have in your life?’


You are totally capable of generating more money!

And now is a perfect opportunity to start to make it happen in a way that feels right and compels you to take appropriate action.

There are lots and lots of different ways to make, attract and receive money - actively and passively - and in multiple streams if we desire. To cover these many options is beyond the remit of this particular audio product. There are already many products and systems and programmes out there that can inform and teach you the ‘how to’ of making more money through your actions and the actions of other people.

The interesting thing for us is that even when people are fully informed and fully aware of HOW to make money in a hundred and one different ways, many tell us that in some way they are still self-sabotaging – ‘getting in their own way’ when they really want to actually make it happen.

They have sought an answer ‘out there’ and have not yet attended to what is going on inside themselves. Taking an ‘inside-out’ approach will ensure that any appropriate money-generating actions that you choose will have ‘stickability’ and that you will ‘see things through’ much more effectively so that you get the results you want and more. You will get the results you desire all the more easily because you have ‘smoothed the way’ so effectively on the inside.


In short, this audio programme will help you to ‘prime’ and ‘align’ yourself to make, attract and receive more money!


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Enjoy the audio programme and enjoy the process of priming and aligning yourself for generating more money in your life!

Best wishes




Tony Burgess


Academy of High Achievers Ltd





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